Colloquium Series Spring 1999
Levis Faculty Center Monday 8.00 pm

1 February Charis Cussins Sociology
"Is Man to Father as Woman Is to Mother?: Masculinity in Contemporary U.S. Infertility Clinics"

Sara Connell Communications Research
Leslie Reagan History
  Background Reading: Sherry Ortner, Making Gender: The Politics and Erotics of Culture (selections)
Michael Peletz, Reason and Passion: Representations of Gender in a Malay Society (selections)
1 March Matt Garcia History :
"The 'Colonia Complex' Revisited: Racial Hierarchies and Border Spaces in Southern California, 1910-1930"
  Respondents: Alejandro Lugo Anthropology
Cameron McCarthy Communications
  Background Reading: Neil Foley, "The Little Brown Man in Gringo Land: The 'Second Color Menace' in the Western South"
Carey McWilliams, "The Colonia Complex"
Jose David Saldivar, Border Matters: Remapping American Cultural Studies (selections)
5 April Nancy Tomes History, SUNY Stony brook:
"Making the Modern Health Consumer: Some Reflections on the History of Advertising and Public Health
  Respondents: Linda Scott Advertising
Rosemarie P. Holz History
  Background Reading: T.J. Jackson Lears, Fables of Abundance (selections)
Roland Marchand, Advertising the American Dream (selections)
Nancy Tomes, The Gospel of Germs (selections)
3 May Tim Dean English:
"Homosexuality and the Problem of Otherness"
  Respondents: Nancy Blake Comparative Literature
Lisa King Philosophy
  Background Reading: Jean Laplanche, "The Theory of Seduction and the Problem of the Other" (selections)
Emmanuel Levinas, Outside the Subject (selections)
Tim Dean, "Two Kinds of Other and their Consequences"