Colloquium Series Spring 1996
Levis Faculty Center Monday 8.00 pm

29 January Panel "Victim, Agent, Voice: Intersection in Pornography, Sexuality, and Transnational Feminism"

Jane Juffer English
Cris Mayo Educational Policy Studies
Radhika Mongia Speech Communication
Background Reading: Wendy Brown, "Freedom and the Plastic Cage"
Benita Parry, Colonial Discourse/Postcolonial Theory (selections)
Chris Straayer "The Seduction of Boundaries"
26 February Andrea Press Communications Research :
"Television and the Cultural Politics of Abortion"
Respondents: Leslie Reagan Medicine and History
Ivy Glennon Speech Communication, Eastern Illinois U.
Background Reading: Celeste Condit, Decoding Abortion Rhetoric (selections)
William Gamson, Talking Politics (selections)
Sherry Ortner, "Reading America: Preliminary Notes on Class and Culture"
25 March Cheryl Cole Kinesiology:
Verifying Gender in Cold War America: Dangerous
Bodies and National Identity
Respondents: Kathryn Oberdeck History
Paula Treichler Medicine, Communications Research,
and Women's Studies

Background Reading: Judith Butler, Bodies that Matter (selections)
Fred Dolan, Allegories of America (selections)
Michael Feher, "Of Bodies and Technologies"
29 April Joel Weinsheimer English, U. of Minnesota:
"Charity Militant: Toward a Post-Critical Hermeneutics"
Respondents: Nicholas BurbulesEducational Policy Studies
Allen HancePhilosophy
Background Reading: Donald Davidson, Inquiries into Truth and Interpretation (selections)
Paul Ricoer, Freud and Philosophy (selections)