Colloquium Series Spring 1994
Levis Faculty Center Monday 8:00 pm

7 February Cary Nelson English:
"Poetry Chorus: Dialogic Politics in 1930s Poetry"
Respondents: Nina Baym English
James Barrett History
Background Reading: Selected Poems
Cary Nelson, "Modern Poems We Have Wanted to Forget"
14 March Tony Taibi Law: "Capitalism, Multiculturalism, and Community Economic Empowerment: A Critique of Civil Rights Consciousness"
Respondents: Kal Alston Educational Policy Studies
Carol Stabile Communications Research
Background Reading: Anthony Cook, "The Spiritual Movement Towards Justice"
Gary Peller, "Notes Toward a Postmodern Nationalism"
David Rieff, "Multiculturalism's Silent Partner"
11 April Tony Bennett Cultural Studies, Griffith U.: "The Multiplication of Culture's Utility"
Respondents: Larry Grossberg Speech Communication
Harry Liebersohn History
Background Reading: Tony Bennett, "Useful Culture"
Mitchell Dean, The Constitution of Poverty (Introduction)
Michel Foucault, "Governmentality"
2 May Panel Discussion "Beyond Authors and Texts: Case Studies in (Popular) Culture"
Barry Faulk English
Gilbert Rodman Communications Research
Jonathan Sterne Speech Communication
Michael Thurston English
Background Reading: Simon Frith, "The Good, the Bad, and the Indifferent"
Greil Marcus, "Elvis: The Ashtray"
Raymond Williams, "Culture is Ordinary"