Colloquium Series Spring 1993
Levis Faculty Center Monday 8.00 pm

1 February Smadar Levie Anthropology, UC Davis: "Silence and Violence in the Borderzones: Third World Israeli Women Writing the Gender/Race CounterFormations of Zionism"
Respondents: Kal Alston Educational Policy Studies
William Kelleher Anthropology
Background Reading: Ella Shohat, "Sephardim in Israel: Zionism from the Standpoint of Its Jewish Victims"
Chela Sandoval, "U.S. Third World Feminism: The Theory and Method of Oppositional Consciousness in the Postmodern World"
1 March Carol Stabile Communications Research :
"The Mother of All Wars: Women and the Discourses of the Gulf War"
Respondents: Janet Lyon English and Women's Studies
Greg Wise Speech Communication
Background Reading: Douglas Kellner, The Persian Gulf TV War (selections)
Herbert I. Schiller, "Manipulating Hearts and Minds"
Christopher Norris: Uncritical Theory: Postmodernism, Intellectuals, and the Gulf War (selections)
9-11 April Conference on  "Higher Education in Crisis: Politics, Economics, and Post-disciplinary Knowledge"
3 May Jeff Nunokawa English, Princeton:
"Oscar Wilde and Japan: Aestheticism, Orientalism, and the Derealization of the Homoerotic"
Respondents: Amanda Anderson English and Women's Studies
Barry Faulk English
Background Reading: Judith Butler, "Imitation and Gender in Subordination"
Carol Ann Tylor, "Boys Will Be Girls: The Politics of Gay Drags"
Kobena Mercer, "Skin Head Sex Thing: Racial Difference and the Homoerotic Imaginary"
Richard Fung, "Looking for My Penis: The Eroticized Asian and Gay Video Porn"