Colloquium Series Fall 1990
Levis Faculty Center Monday 8.00 pm

10 September Richard Schacht Philosophy:
"Nietzsche's Kind of Philosophy"
Respondents: William Calder, Classics
William Shroeder, Philosophy
Background Reading: Friederich Nietzsche, Prefaces 1886-1888
The Gay Science (book 5)
8 October Paula Treichler College of Medicine and Institute of Communications Research:
"How to Have Theory in an Epidemic"
Respondents: Lisa Duggan,History
John Erni, Speech Communications
Background Reading: Benjamin Freedman, "Nonvalidated Therapies and HIV Disease"
Karl Mannheim, Ideology and Utopia
5 November Janet Lyon English:
"Manifestoes, Modernism, and Suffragettes"
Respondents: Linda Baughman,Institute of Communications Research
Peter Fritzsche,History
Background Reading: Jane Marcus, Suffrage and the Pankhursts (introduction)
Christabel Pankhurst (selections)
Marjorie Perloff, The Futurist Movement (selections)
Wyndham Lewis (selections)
3 Decenber Michael Bérubé English:
"Institutions, Authorizations"
Respondents: Kal Alston, Educational Policy Studies
Cary Nelson, English
Background Reading: Jonathan Culler, Framing the Sign (selections)
Richard Ohmann, "The Function of English at the Present Time"