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HARTNETT Stephen "Executing Democracy: Debating the Death Penalty in New York, 1835-1846" and "The Waiting Room" Unit Collquium (October 2, 2000)
Hartouni Valerie Cultural Conceptions; On Reproductive Technologies and the Remaking of Life (1997) (selections)  
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Hartsock Nancy "Rethinking Modernism: Minority vs. Majority Theories." Cultural Critique
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Hausmann Bernice Changing Sex: Transsexualism, Technology and the Idea of Gender (1995) (Selections)  
Hawhee Debra "Kenneth Burke, Mysticism and the Body" Unit Colloquium (November 28 2005) w/ resp from Julia Walker
HAWHEE Debra Response to Julia Walker: "Performing Medusa" Unit Colloquium (November 6, 2000)
Hay James "'Neo-Television' and the Politics of Viewing Formations." Colloquium Paper, fall 1988; w/ resp from Charles Acland
Hay James "The Politics of Appropriation in the Italian Television Culture (and the Meaning of 'Nati per Vincere')."  
Hay James "The Politics of Television Formations and the Memory of Origins."  
Hay James Towards an Analytic of Government Experiments in These Times: Homeland Security as the New Social Security co-author, Marc Andrejevic, introduction to Homeland Insecurities, manuscript
Hay James "Unaided Virtues: The (Neo-) Liberalization of the Domestic Sphere and the New Architecture of Community." Unit Colloquium, 04/02/01
Hayes Alfred "In a Coffee Pot."  
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Heath Stephen "Barthes on Love." SubStance
Hebdige Dick "After the Masses." New Times: The Changing Face of Politics in the 1990s
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Heidegger Martin [Assorted unattributed articles on]  
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Hennessy Rosemary "The Materiality of Discourse: Feminism and Post-marxism."  
Hernandi Paul "Literary Theory: A Compass for Critics." Critical Inquiry
Hever Hannan "Hebrew in an Israeli Arab Hand: Six Miniatures on Anton Shammas's Arabesques." Cultural Critique
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