Last Name First Name Essay Title Source
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de Certeau Michel "On the Oppositional Practices of Everyday Life  
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de Man Paul "Anthropomorphism and Trope in the Lyric."  
de Man Paul "Dialogue and Dialogism."  
de Man Paul "Semiology and Rhetoric." Allegories of Reading
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Dean Tim "Response to Nancy Blake" Fall Colloquium, October 8 2001
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Dean Tim "Introduction: Confessions of a Barebacker," and
"Chap. 1: Breeding Culture."
Unlimited Intimacy
Debord Guy "Critique of Separation."  
Debord Guy "On the Passage of a Few Persons Through a Rather Brief Period of Time."  
Debord Guy "Perspectives for Conscious Alterations in Everyday Life."  
Debord Guy The Society of the Spectacle  
Deck Alice "Autoethnography: Zora Neale Hurston and Bicultural Narrative." Colloquium Paper, spring 1988; resp. from Ann Anagnost & Madhu Dubey
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DeLillo Don White Noise [selections]  
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Derrida Jacques "Living On/Border Lines."  
Derrida Jacques "No Apocalypse, Not Now (full speed ahead, seven missiles, seven missives." Diacritics
Derrida Jacques "Of An Apocalyptic Tone Recently Adopted in Philosophy." Oxford Literary Review
Derrida Jacques "Otobiographies." The Ear of the Other
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Derrida Jacques "Signature, Event, Context." Limited Inc.  
Derrida Jacques "Structure, Sign, and Play in Discourse of the Human Sciences." Writing and Difference
Derrida Jacques "The Law of Genre." Glyph
Derrida Jacques "The Laws of Reflection: Nelson Mandela, in Admiration."  
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Derrida Jacques "The Principle of Reason: The University in the Eyes of its Pupils." Diacritics
Derrida Jacques "The Purveyor of Truth." Yale French Studies
Derrida Jacques Force of Law: The 'Mystical Foundation of Authority'  
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Derrida Jacques Signeponge/Signsponge  
Derrida Jacques Spurs  
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Descombes Vincent "Semiology."  
Desser David "The Artist as Bricoleur: Buster Keaton and Film Theory." Colloquium Paper, fall 1983; resp from Constance Penley and Corey Creekmur
Deutsche Rosalyn "Art and Public Space: Questions of Democracy." Social Text 33
Deutsche Rosalyn "Uneven Development: Public Art in New York City."  
Dewey John The Public and Its Problems [selections]  
Dhairyam Sagri "Squeezed in Stiff Conventions: Enacting the Performance With Helene Cixous and Amy Lowell." Colloquium Paper, spring 1989
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Dickens Charles "In Chancery." Bleak House
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Diengott Nilli "Narratology and Feminism." Style
Dimock Wai Chee "Introduction: Planet as Duration and Extension" Through Other Continents
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Donne John "The Canonization."  
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