Colloquium Series Spring 2004
2 February Andreas Huyssen Villard Professor of German and Comparative Literature, Columbia University: "Resistance to Memory: A Case for Public Forgetting"
Respondents: TBA
Background Reading: Andreas Huyssen, Present Pasts (Introduction and Chapter 1)
Time and Place: 7:30pm, Levis Faculty Center
1 March The History of Unit for Criticism and

the Future of Theory: A Roundtable


Cary Nelson, English on Marxism and the Interpretation of Culture;

Paula Treichler, ICR on 

Cultural Studies;

Antoinette Burton, History on Postcolonial Studies and Beyond

Respondents: Peter Garrett, English
Background Reading: Selections from Unit books will be on Reserve
Time and Place: 8pm, Levis Faculty Center
29 March

Jacques Derrida: Philosophy on Film

A Film Screening and Discussion

Screening of Derrida, a film by Kirby Dick and Amy Z. Kofman
Respondents: Tamara Matheson, History, "The Authority of the Image: French Intellectual Celebrity and Derrida the Film"
Background Reading:

J.F. Lyotard, "A Podium without Podium";

Foucault, "The Masked Philosopher";

Deleuze, "Cinema and Space: The Frame"

Derrida and Stiegler, Echographies of Television

Time and Place 7pm, 213 Gregory Hall
19 April

The Frankfurt School Today: 

A Roundtable

Karin Crawford, Germanic Language and Literature;

Caren Irr, English, Brandeis University;

Mark Thompson, English and Comparative Literature

Respondents: TBA
Background Reading: Selections by Theodore Adorno, Walter Benjamin, and Marx Horkheimer will be on reserve.
Time and Place 8pm, Levis Faculty Center