Colloquium Series Spring 2003
Levis Faculty Center, Monday 8:00 pm
3 February Carl Estabrook Visiting Scholar: "'Think, speak, cast, write, sing, number...': Ted Hughes on Shakespeare"
Respondents: L. Grace Godwin, Theatre                Carol Thomas Neely, English and Women's Studies                         
Background Reading: Perry Anderson, "England," in Lineages of the Absolute State Christopher Haigh, "The Reformations and the Divisions of England"                  Ted Hughes, "Introduction,", The Essential Shakespeare   


3 March Nancy Blake Comparative Literature: "Second Skin? Transsexualism, Image and Desire"
Respondents: Anke Pinkert,         German
Miguel Malagreca,   Communications Research
Background Reading: Judith Butler, "Performative Acts and Gender Constitution"   Tim Dean, "Transsexual Identification, Gender Performance Theory, and the Politics of the Real"                        Susan Stryker, "Transsexuality: The Postmodern Body and/as Technology"     Christa Wolf, "Self-Experiment"
7 April Cameron McCarthy Communications Research: "Art and the Postcolonial Imagination: Rethinking the Center-Periphery Thesis"
Respondents: Luis Miron, Educational Policy Studies
Jin Kyung Park,   Communications Research
Background Reading: Stuart Hall,              "When was 'the Postcolonial'?"
Cameron McCarthy, "Understanding the Work of Aesthetics in Modern Life"
Gayatri Spivak,       "Three Women's Texts and a Critique of Imperialism"
5 May Kathryn Oberdeck History: "Golfing in the Garden at the Factory Gate: 'Destination Kohler' and the Transformation of Space in Post-Industrial America"
Respondents: C.L. Cole, Kinesiology and Women's Studies
Dianne Harris,   Landscape Architecture
Background Reading: Bill Love, "An Environmental Approach to Golf Course Development"
Edward Soja, "The Trialectics of Spatiality"