Colloquium Series Fall 2003
Levis Faculty Center, Monday 8:00 pm
8 September Nichole Rustin Communications Research and Afro-American Studies: "Music up from Dixie"
Respondents: Pat Gill, Communications Research
Gabriel Soils, Music
Background Reading: Ingrid Moonson, "The Problem with Hipness" 
Robyn Weigman, "Object Lessons: Men, Masculinity and the Sign Women"
6 October Siobhan Somerville English and Women Studies: "Toward a Queer Genealogy of Naturalization"
Respondents: Dara Goldman, Music
Paula Treichler, Communications Research
Background Reading: Michel Foucault "Nietzsche, Genealogy, History" Rogers Smith "Civic Ideas: Conflicting Visions of Citizenship in US history"
3 November Pradeep Dhillon Educational Policy Studies: "Learning about Memory from Proust"
Respondents: Stephen Levinson, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Armine Mortimer, French
Background Reading: Giles Deleuze, "The Image of Thought"  Aaron Grossman et all, "A Brain Adaption View of Plasticity" Alan Turing, "Computing Machinery and Intelligence"
1 December Jordan Mendelson Art and Design  "Locating Artists, Politics, and Publics during War: Magazines in Spain from 1936-1939"
Respondents: Elena Delgado, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
Cary Nelson, English
Background Reading: Jordana Mendelson with Estrella de Diego, "Political Practice and the Arts in Spain, 1927-1936"
Mark Morison, "Mass Market Publicity - Modernism's Crisis and Opportunity"       Michael Seidman, "Individualism in Madrid during the Spanish Civil War"