Colloquium Series Spring 2002
Levis Faculty Center, Monday 8:00 pm
28 January Adrian Burgos History: "Entering Cuba's (Other) Playing Field: Afro-Cubans and the 'Choice' between Baseball, Race, and Nation"
Respondents: C L Cole, Kinesiology and Women's Studies
Angharad Valdivia, Communications Research
Background Reading: Alejandro de la Fuente, "Race, National Discourse, and Politics in Cuba"
Louis A. Pérez, "Between Baseball and Bullfighting: The Quest for National Identity in Cuba, 1868-1898"
25 February Cameron McCarthy Communications Research: "Mariners, Renegades and Castaways: C. L. R. James and the Radical Postcolonial Imagination"
Respondents: Fazal Rizvi, Educational Policy Studies
David Roediger, History
Background Reading: G. Farred, "'Victorian with the Rebel Seed': C. L. R. James, Postcolonial Intellectual"
S. Hall, "Cultural Identity and Cinematic Representation"
C. L. R. James, "Popular Arts and Modern Society"
C. McCarthy and G. Dimitriadis, "Art and the Postcolonial Imagination: Rethinking the Institutionalization of Third World Aesthetics and Theory"
25 March Jed Esty English: "Unseasonable Youth: Colonial Modernity and the Case of the Missing Bildungsroman"
Respondents: Lauren Goodlad, English
Carl Niekerk, German
Background Reading: M. M. Bakhtin, "The Bildungsroman and Its Significance in the History of Realism"
Franco Moretti, "The Bildungsroman as Symbolic Form"
25-28 April Conference "Postcolonial Studies and Beyond"