Colloquium Series Fall 2001
Levis Faculty Center, Monday 8:00 pm
10 September Nicholas Burbules Educational Policy Studies: "What Does It Mean to Teach Students to Be 'Critical'"
Respondents: Chip Bruce, Library and Information Science
Gary Ebbs, Philosophy
Background Reading: Brian Fay, Critical Social Science (selections)
Nancy Fraser, "What's Critical About Critical Theory?"
8 October Nancy Blake Comparative Literature: "'What in you is more than you': Wong Kar-wai's In the Mood for Love, a Lacanian Reading"
Respondents: Tim Dean, English
Poshek Fu, History
Background Reading: Ackbar Abbas, Hong Kong: Culture and Politics of Disappearance (selections)
David Bordwell, "Romance on Your Menu"
Gina Marchetti, "Buying American, Consuming Hong Kong: Cultural Commerce, Fantasies of Identity, and the Cinema"
5 November Lisa Lampert English: "Race, Periodicity, and the Middle Ages"
Respondents: Ania Loomba, English
Adam Sutcliffe, History
Background Reading: Kwame Anthony Appiah, "Race"
Jerome Friedman, "Jewish Conversion, the Spanish Pure Blood Laws and Reformation: A Revisionist View of Racial and Religious Antisemitism"
3 December Dara Goldman Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese: "Enemy Mine: Insularity and Contested Spaces in the Hispanic Caribbean"
Respondents: Nancy Castro, English
Andrew Orta, Anthropology
Background Reading: Antonio Benitez Rojo, The Repeating Island (selections)
Edward Soja, Thirdspace (selections)
Michele Wucker, Why the Cocks Fight (selections)