Colloquium Series Spring 2000

Levis Faculty Center Monday 8.00 pm


7 February Melissa Orlie Political Science
"Political Capitalism and the Consumption of Democracy"

Stephen Hartnett Speech Communication
Paul Hendrickson Philosophy
  Background Reading: Michel Foucault, "Introduction," The Use of Pleasure

6 March Adrian Cussins Philosophy :
"Games, Cognition, and Technologies: Meaning as Negotiable, Objectivity as Historical, and Other Trails through Concepts"
  Respondents: Gary Ebbs Philosophy
David Hopping Sociology
  Background Reading:

John Haugland, "Objective Perception"
Edward Hutchins and Tove Klausen, "Distributed Cognition in an Airplane Cockpit"
Kaoru Iwamoto, Go for Beginners (selections)
John McDowell, "Wittgenstein on Following a Rule"
Noriyuki Nakayama, "The Clam Shells are Heavy"
Charles Perrow, "Normal Accidents: Living with High-Risk Technologies"

4 April Pat Gill Communications Research and Women's Studies:
"Apprehending Criminals: Detecting in Seven"
  Respondents: Kal Alston Educational Policy Studies and Women's Studies
Joe Perry History
  Background Reading: David Fincher, dir., Seven (on reserve at the Undergraduate Library)

1 May Panel Discussion: "The Twilight of Theory"
  Leon Chai English
Tim Dean English    Stephanie Foote English  William Maxwell English