Fall 2016 Course Offerings

*The following is an incomplete list - if you have a course you would like to add let us know by emailing Roman Friedman.


AAS 490: Critical Ethnic Studies; Junaid Rana

ANTH 515: The Anthropology of Home; Martin Manalansan

CWL 501: Theory of Literature; Brett Ashley Kaplan

CWL 571: Seminar in Literary Relations; Harriet Murav

CWL 581: Psychoanalytic Theory Then and Now; Nancy Blake

ENGL 500: Introduction to Criticism and Research; Robert Dale Parker

ENGL 583: Disability Pedagogy; Catherine Prendergast

GEOG 520: Political Ecology; Trevor Birkenholtz

HIST 502: Wars and Their Legacies; Leslie J. Reagan

LA 505: Fields of Vision; D. Fairchild Ruggles

LLS 596: Representation, Inequality and the Media; Isabel Molina-Guzmán

MUS 523A: Music, Gender, and Sexuality; Michael Silvers