Spring 2012 Course Offerings

ANTH 508: Feminist Theory in Anthropology; Alma Gottlieb

ARTH 546: Practicing Utopias; Irene Small

ARTH 550: American Art and the Commercial Imagination; Jennifer Greenhill

CWL 502: Cross Cultural Comparison; Nancy Blake

ENGL 563: Queer of Color Critique; Richard Rodriguez

ENGL 581: Posthumanism; Robert Markley

GWS 560/MDIA 560: Feminist Media Studies; Co-taught by ICR Professors: C.L. Cole, Isabel Molina Guzmán, Sarah Projansky, Paula Treichler, and Angharad Valdivia

GWS 590/MDIA 590: Feminist Girls Media Studies; Sarah Projansky

HIST 502: Global and World History; David Prochaska

LAW 657: International Human Rights Law; Francis Boyle

LAW 687: Jurisprudence; Francis Boyle

MACS 496: Cinematic Special Effects; Julie Turnock

MACS 504: Theories of Cinema; Kent A. Ono

PHIL 441: Existential Philosophy; Richard Schacht